Areas of Expertise

Dysphagia (Swallow)

Fully Dysphagia trained including, cervical auscultation.

I can assess the swallow for cranial nerve damage and stage specific of the swallowing process. I can advise on safe food and drink consistencies, positioning, as well as provide compensatory strategies. 

Aphasia (Language Impairment)

Through formal and informal assessments I can identify and therap receptive (understanding) and expressive (output) language impairments. 

Apraxia (incoordination of speech)

Through formal and informal assessments I can identify and therap apraxia of speech. 

Dysarthria  (Speech Impairment)

Dysarthria is unintelligibly of speech, this may be from in-articulation, such as slurring, or low volume. Through formal and informal assessment I can therap intelligibility of speech. 

Impairments I work with:

  • Brain Injury

  • Stroke

  • Dementia

  • Parkinson's Disease 


I can imagine you're thinking this is what I'm looking for, this sounds great,... but how much? I want my clients to know exactly how much therapy with Roxanne Kent Speech Therapy will cost. Please see the breakdown of costs below:

  • Initial Consultation Session - 75 Minutes - £90 

  • Single Therapy Session - 45 Minutes - £50

  • Initial 75 Minute Consultation + Block of 5x45 Minute Therapy Sessions - £250

  • Block of 6x45 Minute Therapy Sessions - £230 

  • Advice/Mini Follow-up Session - 30 Minutes - £25

  • Speech and Language Therapy Professionals Report including initial consultation service, report written detailing outcome of assessment and recommendations for quantity and type of therapy required - £200  

Face-to-Face home visit sessions will be charged at an additional rate of 45p per mile outside of a 3-mile radius of Belper, Derbyshire

You will not be charged for any hidden extras such as session preparation, intra-therapy resources, or admin, including note-writing.

You can book via telephone or email

Unsure if Teletherapy will be suitable? Please click here for further information.